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advanced test-o-boost customer reviewsThank you for the email! I will be happy to write reviews on Amazon. My husband has been wanting advanced testosterone for about 6 months. He was thinking his levels were low…and my answer was, no. Personally, I wanted something more natural or organic, not made in China and would work with his body instead of nasty side effects. He has been taking your supplement on April 11th, the day it came in. Around April 20th, he asked if I could order a second bottle, as so not to run out. He is not as tired or feeling run down(Yeah!), his sex drive is back to normal(Yeah!) and his mood is much improved. My husband has been in the military for 15 yrs; work is demanding and he also demands the same from himself for his family. It is nice to have my husband back, not the run down, tired all the time, I have no energy for my workout guy. I will actually copy this email and place it as part of my reviews. Thank you for making an advanced product made in the USA, without nasty side effects,that works with his body processes and not a candy coated, monster producing product. Take Care, Tasha

Advanced Test-O-Boost Customer Reviews Tells

This product lives up to its advertising. I work out at the gym lifting weights and doing cardio. I have significantly more energy, stamina, and strength. I am lifting more weight and don’t lose any of my progress if I have to miss a workout like before. It has also had a very positive effect on my libido and my ability to lose weight especially in my mid-section. I would highly recommend this one to any potential customer.

I found this on an Amazon, with the help of a customer – search and decided to give it a try. The first week I did not really notice a difference (it does state it takes 2-4 weeks) but after week 2, I definitely started to notice a difference. I definitely feel more energetic and focused while working out. I definitely have increased focus and mental clarity as well! I recommend this product to any potential customer for sure!

This stuff is insane, took just like it says to do… lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks and gained a lot of muscle mass. Gave me a lot of energy and I got amazing sleep! I will definitely be doing another 6 week cycle of this in about a month. Worth the money!!!

These are real Advanced test-o-boost customer reviews from previous and current users.

Advanced Test-O-Boost Customer Reviews

Overall: This is a great product! If you need better sleep, better focus, a better workout in the gym, and the bonus of pump in your sex drive sex drive… Try it. You will not be disappointed.

My Background:

30 something years old…I have never used an  advanced testosterone boost before so I have nothing to compare it to. But I have been involved in athletic activities since I have been walking. I have reached a collegiate level and minor league level of athletic experience. I have known and do know people who rely on many supplements and those who don’t. As well as some who rely are on heavy steroid usage and those who are not. I haven’t used supplements beyond protein and a few thermogenic fat burns. I have always been in relatively decent shape. So for what it’s worth my review is below:

Observation Record: Review

The first few days (1-3) I took this test-boost, I noticed my metabolism increase followed by frequent trips to the bathroom. Stomach sensitivity also increased immediately, a need to eat cleaner foods was apparent.

Day 3-4, I noticed really deep sleeps. Which is great for muscle growth. Even my day time power naps where deep. This is also when you know this is working, because you wake up with a nice dense muscle feeling.

Day 4-6, I noticed the frequency of erections started to increase. Which I don’t think anyone over 25years of age and maybe 18 (considering the average health condition of people…fat and unhealthy…)

Week2 of my review on advanced test-o-boost, Energy levels increase dramatically, as if I was in college again. Buy this time or the mid week, you will look and feel noticeably depending on if you’re eating correctly. You will be able to lift a lot more in the gym. My focus has increased as a result. Also your gym pump looks fuller.

Week3 and on…, Depending on how I treat my body (in regards to eating, sleeping, lifting, cardio, and social stress) When taking this pill you will see positive effects.

Treat your body right and this little miracle pill will take care of you. (At least for the first month) I can’t wait to see the effects of month Two.

Notes On Advanced Test-O-Boost Customer Reviews

Notables: Advanced test-o-boost review.

1.This does make you a bit more aggressive as stated on the test-o-boost review from a user. Nothing like the incredible hulk in his rage form, but if you’re a hot head just be aware. Also if you’re normally relaxed you will be internally irritable at times, even if you don’t express it. But this does make for a good work out!! This is not bad but something to be aware of…but I’m sure that’s obvious to any of the readers.

2. Acne does increase a tiny bit. Nothing for anyone to be concerned about. At least I wasn’t concerned. It was barely noticeable…

3. Have your meals ready!! Metabolism picks up and you get hungry. So go to Costco. Pre-cook on your day off so you won’t spend 100’s of dollars eating out. OR hours on the toilet because bad food will run through you when taking this….

Hope you enjoyed my reviews and it was helpful. Excuse the spelling, grammar and take this review for what it’s worth. And hopefully, you’ll get the advanced test-o-boost results that you’ve expected.

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